Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine: Ensuring that athletes maintain active, healthy lifestyles.

Professional running backs rely upon topical compounds to help them recover from post-game aches and major league pitchers use topical solutions to hasten their recoveries as well. Where do these star athletes get their magic recovery formulas? Compounding pharmacists work in conjunction with team healthcare providers to craft special formulas that are used to treat sports injuries. The age-old practice of compounding often gets players back in the game. And, it’s not about star power—pharmacy compounding is available to everyone—not just the pros.

Whether you’re a workout enthusiast who needs to soothe some minor aches or a high school athlete recovering from a sports injury, pharmacy compounding can provide lots of benefits for all types of athletes.

Sports Medicine Compounding:  The best way to get yourself back in the game

Unique Athletes Deserve Truly Customized Care

Perhaps you can throw that ball a lot faster than any other on the team or you can dunk more baskets than any other player. The fact is—you’re unique and have a skillset that is difficult to rival. When you injure yourself, you deserve customized care that’s as unique as you are.

Pharmacy compounding, the fusion of art and science, results in the creation of customized medications that are crafted just for you. In recent years, compounding has experienced a rebirth as modern technology and innovative techniques enable healthcare providers to work directly with pharmacists to customize treatments and regimens for individual needs.  Since sports activities and fitness programs are tailored specifically to each athlete’s individual strengths and needs, doesn’t it make sense to follow suit with your medical needs?

  • A compounding pharmacist has the ability to combine various drugs into a single dosage form to customize topical antifungal medications, combat nerve pain or formulate special treatments to heal blisters or calluses.
  • For athletes who participate in outdoor sports, compounded sun block creams, lotions and lip balms offer the ultimate in protection.
  • Working closely with both the athlete and a healthcare provider, the art of compounding enables pharmacists to prepare medication in varying strengths depending upon different needs. A variety of delivery systems also offer many different ways of providing therapy. The Compounding Facility will help find one that’s ideal for you.

What’s Your Strength? Dosage Variations

Similar to the way a football player’s training program would differ from a marathon runner’s, their body types also require varying amounts of medication to speed recovery and treat muscle pain. Commercially available products generally are offered in a limited variety of strengths, making it more challenging to treat and heal. The art of compounding offers a means of calibrating exact amounts of medication to specific needs and body types, resulting in more accurate dosing and a speedier recovery. Compounding can put you back in the game.


Unique Dosage Forms

Beyond flavor and determining exact dosages, the compounding pharmacist has the ability to alter a medication’s delivery system. Capsules and tablets, which are taken orally, must first pass through a patient’s digestive tract before entering the system. For anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants and other medications, this may result in unwanted gastrointestinal side effects. Different dosage forms, such as topical medications allow the drug to bypass the gastrointestinal tract and potentially minimize those side effects. A compounding pharmacist can prepare custom topical creams, transdermal gels or other solutions that may not be commercially available. This type of customized care treats the pain at its trigger point, providing stronger, more effective relief and recovery.

Get back in the swing of things with personalized prescriptions.  Ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist about the benefits of customized compounding.

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