Flavor Compounding

Flavor Compounding: Tasteful Solutions

From a child who detests the taste of a cough medication to a dog that simply refuses to swallow its pill, taking medicine is rarely a pleasurable experience for anyone—humans and animals alike. Advances in medicine and technology prove that it doesn’t have to be this way. Since each patient is unique and has his or her own set of preferences and needs, customized solutions provide an answer. Via compounding, medications can be tailored to a patient’s unique needs.  Those who have difficulty swallowing pills may respond better if that pill was compounded into a liquid suspension. Flavored medicine offers another solution. After all, medicine doesn’t have to taste so bad.

Adults & Children

Flavor customization is one of the simplest ways of tailoring medications to your own tastes—do you prefer chocolate, orange, or cherry? Compounding pharmacists have access to a wide variety of unique flavors and innovative flavor combinations, which truly enhance the taste and color of a medication. These subtle flavor and color changes make a big difference.  Children who refuse to take their prescribed medicines due to a taste issues are ideal for customized flavored medicines. Rather than giving them “yucky” medications that certainly don’t please their palates, try giving them a medicine that tastes like bubblegum, watermelon or even chocolate. Since health is always a top priority, most of The Compounding Facility’s medicines are sugar-free. Some are even dye-free. These medical solutions are ideal for those who are very sensitive or have allergies.

After working closely with your physician, our compounding pharmacist can even alter the form of a medication, so rather than administering a pill, your child can take his or her prescribed medicine in the form of a lollipop or a yummy gummy treat.It’s not only children who prefer these flavor perks. Many adults also opt for flavored medications as well. As people age or battle a chronic illness, taste preferences may change and flavors or textures that once went down smoothly often become a problem. Sweet flavors often become unbearable and bitter flavors may cause nausea. The Compounding Facility has the solution.  In an effort to make a medicine more palatable, your compounding pharmacist can alter or mask certain flavors without changing the medicine’s strength or effectiveness. When reflavoring antibiotics, careful consideration is given to the measurement of pH in order to maintain the medicine’s stability. Whether you prefer a specific flavor or no flavor at all, compounded medications may offer an ideal alternative medicine for you.

Animals: Pet Pharmacy

Cats, dogs, exotic birds, reptiles and even zoo animals are ideal for flavored medication. Working closely with a pet owner and a veterinarian, The Compounding Facility can custom-flavor medications to meet the specific tastes and preferences of any type of animal. For dogs, tantalizing flavor options include beef, cheese, chicken and liver while fish is always on the menu for cats. Alfalfa, cherry, apple, carrot and molasses are favorites for horses. With a bit of exploration, a compounding pharmacist can even come up with preferred flavors for birds, rodents and reptiles. Of course, just like their owners, some animals may require alternate medication forms such as pastes or plasters. Traditional pet biscuits and treats are also offered. The right combination of flavor and appearance can take the struggle out of medicating your pets. Do you have a flavor question, issue or concern? Consult your prescriber or compounding pharmacist about custom flavoring today.

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