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Sinus Therapy: Making it Easy

The Compounding Facility offers Sinus Therapy solutions to those patients who require more customized sinus care.  Our success is coupled by the dynamic relationship between the doctor, patient and our lab to provide an easy therapeutic regimen.

Our seasoned pharmacists can compound customized antibiotic, antifungal, anti-Inflammatory, steroidal and antihistamines medications formulated specifically to treat sinus infections and other problems. Often, multiple drugs can be delivered concurrently which is advantageous for the patient by reducing the time for therapy and the amount of total fluid delivered. All active ingredients are compounded with a cutting edge powder base, Loxasperse®.

LoxaSperse® is an innovative powder excipient base created for compounding with active ingredients used for nasal sprays and irrigations. LoxaSperse® is a proprietary blend of specially micronized xylitol with an optimized ratio of micronized poloxamers, designed to improve dispersability and solubility of actives. These unique features allow multiple active ingredients with varying solubilities to be incorporated into it.

Sinus Solutions

Our compounded sinus solutions can be delivered through a number of devices, including:

  • Nasal Sprays
  • Nasal Rinse Bottles
  • Nasal Irrigation Devices

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At The Compounding Facility, we truly understand that everyone has highly individualized needs.  We know the challenges of easily locating over-the-counter medications that will suit your needs. One of our compounding pharmacists will work closely with your ENT specialist to formulate a special medication that is tailored for your unique needs.

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