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The Art and Science of preparing customized Medications for patients is called Compounding. Made from scratch, these personalized medications are composed of individual ingredients that are combined in the precise strength and dosage form required by the patient. The compounding Pharmacist, using this method, can work directly with the patient and the prescriber to personalize a custom medication to fulfill the patient’s specific needs.

Before the mass Drug manufacturing boom in the 1950s and 60s, almost all prescriptions were in fact compounded. Compounding rapidly declined during that period, and instead of a compounder, the pharmacist’s role went from preparing medications to dispensing manufactured dosage forms. With customized medications on a decline, pharmacists were no longer trained to compound. Manufactured standard medications have posed some issues in the past 60 years…these mass-produced medications don’t always fully meet the needs of patients, for not all patients have the exact same needs. These complications have proven that one size does not fit all.

With today’s groundbreaking Technology and innovative techniques and research, compounding has finally experienced a long awaited resurgence. Pharmacists can now personalize custom medications to meet the unique needs of patients better than ever. From specific strengths, to exact dosages, to custom flavors…compounded medications are truly custom-made specifically for each individual patient’s needs. Certain ingredients can even be excluded from medications to prevent allergic reactions and sensitivities. This process proves to be a much safer, more effective way of creating medications. Compounding pharmacists assist patients with many different needs, such as hormone replacement therapy, anti-aging, men’s health, pediatrics, and much more. Even your pets can benefit from veterinary customized medications. Modern compounding is here, and it will forever change the world of medicine.

We Have Over 40 Years of Pharmaceutical Experience.  Let Us Manage Your Compounding Needs.

The Compounding Facility is a State-of-the-art Lab that works closely with healthcare professionals and patients to customize medications and other types of treatments, such as hormone replacements and anti-aging for the skin.

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