Robert Annicharico

Robert M. Annicharico, the owner of both The Compounding Facility and Delco Drugs & Specialty Pharmacy, graduated St. Johns University College of Allied Health with a BS in Pharmacy in 1995.  He has been a Pharmacist for 17 years and is licensed in New York, New Jersey and Florida.As a young man, Robert spent his summers working in Ocean Beach Pharmacy on Fire Island and as a stock boy for Ark Drugs (now Duane Read) in Eltingville.  Throughout high school and into college, Robert worked as a pharmacist assistant at Delco Drugs.  Once out of college, Robert expanded his pharmaceutical knowledge by working in a variety of positions in the NY/NJ Metropolitan area.This experience included being a pharmacy supervisor for the A&P Supermarket chain where he supervised at least 30 separate pharmacies located from Staten Island, New York to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He also performed pharmacy consulting services which included the “setting up”  of pharmacies for non-pharmacist and venture capital entities, such as Boyd’s Madison Avenue and Harmony Pharmacy.  During these career enhancements, he received his certification in the “science of compounding”.In 2008, Robert purchased Delco Drugs, renovated it and made it a specialty pharmacy focusing on complex disease situations and total patient care.  In 2010 he opened The Compounding Facility and created a culture of wellness and customization where Robert stresses the importance of the “Triad”; the proper balance of having a meaningful and functional relationship between physician, pharmacist and patient.

The Compounding Team