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Reverse the effects of time

Cosmeceuticals: customized solutions for aging skin

Of course, there are many positive aspects of growing older. With age comes lots of wisdom, experience and maturity, however, there’s a downside too. The physical signs of aging–the loss of skin elasticity, the appearance of age spots and crows’ feet, as well as laugh lines and other wrinkles are certainly not welcomed. The Compounding Facility has the answer.

Rejuvenate with Cosmeceuticals: Erase the effects of time

Though the skin’s aging process can’t be prevented, it can certainly be slowed down. Recent biotech research has identified many lifestyle habits and other factors that cause wrinkling and the loss of skin elasticity.

These include:

  • Fatigue
  • Harsh effects from extreme weather–damage from sun, cold or wind
  • Poor nutrition
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Environmental irritants such damaging effects from harsh makeup and abrasive soaps
Over the years, these factors can really impact the skin, breaking it down and revealing the unwanted signs of aging. While it’s impossible to avoid some of these factors on a regular basis, we can use cosmeceutical products to protect our skin against further damage. We can also rejuvenate skin that’s already been damaged.


Oily, Normal, Dry, Combination? We Offer Solutions for Every Skin Type

Regardless of your skin type and texture, a compounding pharmacist can work with you to customize a cosmeceutical cream regimen that is tailored to your specific needs. You’ll be one step closer to achieving a younger, healthier “you.”

When treating your skin with cosmeceuticals, you’ll benefit from both short- and long-term effects. Cosmeceuticals employ a fusion of scientific research and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to boost the skin’s appearance. Custom-prepared creams can soothe the skin and diminish the appearance of rashes, redness and inflammation. They also aid in soothing dry, cracked skin—improving moisturization and treating blemishes and other problem areas. Most importantly, cosmeceuticals begin to protect the skin from the harmful, external forces that come with time.


Turn Back Time: Crafting a Regimen for Younger Skin

Through the regular use of cosmeceuticals, your skin can begin to look and feel the way it did when you were much, much younger. You’ll achieve moist, smooth skin that glows and you’ll also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. More importantly, you’ll be protecting your skin from further damage that will develop over time.

Of course, many commercial creams and lotions claim to achieve the same results, but mass-produced products can’t address the very specific needs that are inherent to you. Why employ a one-size-fits-all mentality when you can use one that has been custom-prepared  exclusively for you?

Consult your compounding pharmacist today. Find out how biocosmetic creams can rejuvenate your skin and help you turn back time!

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